Multi Reward Staking Pool

By staking SEAH, the user daily receives leading tokens as dividends simultaneously, such as BUSD, wBNB, and SEAH. The more trading volume a user does, the greater rewards he earns.

Welcome and enjoy SEAHORSECHAIN Multi-Reward Pool! Users can earn top crypto tokens by staking SEAH

Multi-Reward Pool — an additional earning option for Seahorsechain traders and SEAH Holders. Users will get multiple rewards in different tokens, such as SEAH, WBNB, and BUSD! To join the Pool and get such glorious rewards, you have to stake SEAH and activate them by trading volumes. It is an exceptional chance to raise your income with lucrative conditions, including:

  • Multiple tokens in return

  • High APY

  • Low entry barriers

  • Extra income for tradings

Multi-Reward Pool has many interested parties, including Seahorsechain DEX, Liquidity Providers, SEAH Holders and Traders! All of them will get a bunch of benefits.

Seahorsechain platform will receive a significant amount of locked SEAH tokens and, consequently, a more decisive influence on maintaining the token’s price. These favorable factors will have a good impact on the value of SEAH.

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